"Making gifting meaningful"

Wedding Registry?

Is your store room stuffed with unused presents from three years back? Ever felt the frustration while opening presents and not knowing who gave what? Have you ever had to go to your friend’s wedding and not been able to figure what they would like? Wedding Registry solves all of these exasperating occurrences. Our Registry provides to you the most convenient way of giving and receiving the best gifts.

is Wedding Registry?

Are you getting ready for your wedding and looking for that one place where you can
tell your guests exactly what you want as your wedding gift? Ease your mind, because Wedding Registry is that place. Register yourself and we will create a wedding site just for you. Write down that bucket list of gifts you’ve always dreamed of and your guests can contribute to making your wishes come true.

Begin your Registry

Make a list!

Explore a huge list of items to choose from or upload a picture of what you specifically want.
Choose Payment Method

A little too expensive for full payment? That's okay, make it crowd-funded!

Select items of greater importance so that they can be displayed first to your guest. And now, with a few more details you are all set to go!


Q1.How does the wedding registry benefit the couple to be wed?

You can make a list of what you want overcoming the hassles that come with asking your guests for it and the burden of making a list of who gave what.

Q2.How does the wedding registry benefit guests coming to a wedding?

You don’t have to fret about what you have to buy to the wedding. Once you contribute you can print out a gift card to present to the couple and they will have a permanent record of your meaningful contribution.

Q3.Are you part of the family that is hosting your family wedding? How does the wedding registry benefit you?

Avoid worrying about who is safeguarding the gifts and it's transportation.

Q4.How does the wedding registrar affect you as the official gift registrar at your close one’s wedding?

Forget the ledger book and there is no need to stand behind the couple to collect the presents.

Customer Testimonials


I initially contacted them for wedding cards, but I left with much more. The website was beautiful.The wedding registry had so many quality items to select from.It also considerably reduced our burden of making a ledger book. Weddings are chaotic as it is, but your registry doesn't have to be. Big thumbs up!


Their work on the website was wonderful. The efforts they put it to take care of each of the service they provided was phenomenal. Especially the wedding registry which made life so much easy. We were able to kick start our life together with exactly what we needed.Were they worth the money? I can confirm yes.


I got my wedding website done from that1card and I absolutely LOVE It!! We initially had doubt as they were a start up but that1card provides it's services like a PRO! The design of our website was very modern and classy and portrayed our story just as we wanted them to!